Monday, October 4, 2010

Fine weather

At last, the garden is sufficiently dry to walk in without sinking up to my armpits. There is no sucking "thwup" noise when I turn over a sod. There's a large, round, yellow apparition floating across the sky and my back warms when I'm facing away from it. OOoooh tis lovely, and warm enough to suggest I wear a long sleeved shirt. No, not to protect from the cold but to keep my tender, youthful (Ha!) skin from burning. What a joyful day in the garden. Don't Gazanias and lettuce look good together in the sun? Oh yes they do!

The major task yesterday was to weed a couple of vegetable beds that I've been unable to attend to for a few weeks due to the wet. Boy, were they weedy and unruly! The job took longer than anticipated because when I planted the peas I didn't also plant the netting although I did plant carrots and radish. Here's a before and after:

And when I planted the onions I didn't leave enough room to get a hoe between the rows - really dumb! Here's another before and after only this time the before is looking in one direction and the after is looking the other - just to test you.

 I was trying to save space and cram them in. We have shallots, spring onions, red bunching onions, Ishikura (a white bunching spring onion) some small, round fella's who's name escapes me and red onions. Yes, we love onions. We love herbs and spices and plenty of green vegetables too and this year I aim to grow heaps of them for use in cooking and salads. Oh yes, I picked the first radish today too, two actually, long red ones. and that means it's time to sow a whole new lot of veges...tomorrow. Evening. If I'm not working.
Then again I might weed the orchard seen here above the azalias:

Last week I showed an image of our granddaughters preparing to pull up some stocks. here's what they planted in the freed up space:

One of the delights of owning a dog is that if you fence your vege garden off they will find a space to lie in the flower beds. I haven't seen her there but I sure saw the result.

The bad weather of the previous few weeks held most growth back but just a few days of warmth and sun has kick-started the garden big time. Now that the vege garden is weeded I have to tackle the orchard and with luck I'll find a few hours in the evenings during the week. Nursery work is full on because, like in the garden, the cold and fierce winds held growth in check and now that the breaks are off everything has to be done at once - so I might be pushing it to crib time in the orchard I guess.

If you ever wondered what a large hedge of trees looks like when exposed to westerly gales in the spring wonder no longer. Note the battered left side and the rampant right hand side:

Have a nice week.




  1. It is amazing how fast weeds will grow in rainy weather and how lush they can be. Exasperating if they appear in the vegetable bed and you have to do lots of weeding. You know they are not going to die back as easily as they would in dry weather.

  2. That exciting, you starting to pick those fresh veggies! That's the activity, I reckon, that keeps you hooked into planting more!

  3. I love spring onions, herbs and spices too. You have a lovely garden. I would like to invite you to participate in Gardening A Game! For further details, please visit my link here

  4. Hi...Very nice garden...Hope i will be there, to feel the nature.

    Happy gardening...and good luck for Gardening A Game.