Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandchildren in the garden

On Saturday, Sarah and Chris and our two granddaughters drove up from Wellington, arriving for lunch. This was a birthday lunch, Chris's 38th. He also had a birthday dinner, also his 38th and a birthday breakfast yesterday, Sunday morning. Yes, his 38th. I tell you this simply to introduce the fact that Aimee and Jessica, our granddaughters are staying with us this week. We've had almost constant rain this past week so no gardening was done until my helpers came. Normally I'd be able to tell you that Jessica was enthusiastically helping in the garden but, alas, I can't.

Jessica (5) and Aimee (7)
Jessica always helps in the garden - normally. Aimee never helps in the garden - normally. This week-end Aimee was the gardener and Jessica...sort of helped for a while. Here they can be seen acting the fool before pulling up all those stocks to make way for an herb garden which I'm not going to show you yet.

Tulips, hollyhock leaves, a flowering cherry and the two apples of my eye
Neither of them were off their face gob-smacked  hot on gardening, something to do with the new puppy that arrived on Thursday I think, but they did spend quite some time wandering around and enjoying the garden.

I tried to get some good posed images but that idea fell as flat as a cow pat. After a while, left to wander, they did offer a few opportunities.

Although it has been wet and cold the garden is still moving along.

The azaleas are under way:

And here's a little Helichrysum petiolare Limelight poking through a local Metrosideros:

But there's sure to be much more next week when the weather improves.




  1. Beautiful Photos!
    Looks like you are going to have a fun week!!

  2. Cool photos, especially of the kids in the tree.

  3. Thanks Jeff and Nadeeka. As well as having the grandkids we are really busy too and blogging was hard to fit in. It's great to have your comments.


  4. Splendid. Grandchildren in the garden. Life does not get any better.

  5. I love the photos of the girls in the cherry(?) tree. It was cool and wet here the past few days, too; but, unlike you, we desperately needed the rain. And for us the cool, rainy weather marks a turn toward fall and winter rather than toward summer. Since there are very few flowers left in my garden, I'm very much enjoying yours. -Jean

  6. Yes, a flowering cherry Jean and yes, don't the girls look lovely among the blossoms? Yes to Ann too. Life is very good when you have grandchildren in the garden.

    When I started this blog I was hopeful that I would get interest from northern hemisphere folk suffering from garden withdrawal. The next few months should tell.

    Thanks for visiting.