Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger's Bloom Day October 16th

I missed the Blogger's Bloom Day post last month and am a little late this time too. But here is what is flowering in our southern hemisphere garden this 16th October 2010. Why I make the hemispherical distinction I don't know because we don't have a northern hemisphere garden!
The first images just has to be of the new puppy "Ergo" in the Forget-Me-Nots. Ergo is 10 weeks old and clearly loves gardening. his name came from the fact that we needed a box for his bed and the most suitable box we found had the name "Ergo" branded on it - therefore we called the dog Ergo.

We have the first Sugar Snap peas. Hurray!!!!! Janice and I love all the fresh veges we harvest from our garden (I sowed more radish today) and l love cooking too.

And the last tulip

Blueberries in flower. I just can't wait until the summer. These plants are at teh top of the orchard in heavy clay soil and exposed to a fair amount of wind. They do surprisingly well. As with all fruit however we have to be sure to beat the birds to them.

Then there are the native trees that love to flower at this time of the year. This one is a Pittosporum specie of which there are many.

And this is a tiny Sophera microphilla which is sporting late flowers no larger then my fingernails. It's the first time this plant has flowered since planted some 6 years ago.

The dogs also like gardening among the bluebells. The damage you see on the leaves of these was because our older dog, Kaz, made her bed on top of them until they became too uncomfortable.

The fish and the delphinium are being threatened by the rose and the honesty. Never let honesty threaten you. It's always the best policy.

Ask Johnny-Jump-Up! This one is tiny growing in front of the what's its name?

This Wisteria Amethyst just loves the garage.

And I'll finish as I started, on a blue note, with the first aquilegia flowering in front of the forget-me-nots.

No, no I won't, Heres the view down from the top of the orchard. Getting rather colourful it is but just wait until next month, the colours will all be changed.

There's lots more happening in the garden although its mostly backbreaking weeding and mulching work and the planting of seeds and plants. There's heaps more to be done.

Cheers for now



  1. I am so glad you did not miss Bloom Day this month. Your garden is blooming with color and interest. The view down the hill to your home is beautiful and am sure will have an equally good show next month since you are quite talented. Thanks for the peak down under. Ergo is adorable.

  2. I had to keep looking at the date on your post to be sure it was for October...then realized you said "southern hemisphere"! I thought I was going a little crazy! It's so strange to think of our seasons turned on their head! Love those tulips, and the wisteria is charming. I think that plant behind the Johnny Jump Up might be Sedum "Angelina". I'm with you on the delicious, I look forward to just popping them in my mouth...they never get any further than the kitchen :-)

  3. Terry, That photo of Ergo not being forgotten is a winner. I, too, am glad you found the time in a busy season to post for bloom day. Your northern hemisphere readers whose gardens are going into dormancy for several months need all these beautiful images of what is happening in your garden to remind us of what we have to look forward to in 6 months time. -Jean

  4. Brilliant range of blooms for Novemeber. The shot of Ergo is just so gorgeous! I would love to be able to grow Wisteria ... and tulips! The Johnny Jump-ups/Violas look terrific in front of that Sedum ... great pairing!

  5. Wonderful post. Wisteria is a favorite of mine. The tulip is a welcome treat. Ours are only seen in May in the southern U.S.

  6. You got me at the puppy and the forget-me-nots. Two of my favorite things. Blue flowers and puppies.

  7. Just beautiful...I love seeing spring flowers in the middle of our Autumn! I especially love the columbine with the forget-me-nots...just lovely!

  8. Among all your pretty spring flowers it was interesting to see something that is blooming here, in the Northern Hemisphere, in our fall garden. Sugar Snap peas! Ergo in the forget me nots is darling.