Sunday, October 10, 2010

And after the tulips

This weekend was a good one. On Saturday I spent time with a community organisation planting trees around a large sports park and then today managed to divide time between work in the nursery (just a little) and work in the garden. The garden may seem a more attractive proposition and at the moment you may be right.
Heres a lonely bunch of wisteria racimens below the garage soffit.

The main task was to sow more seed, mostly in cell trays or straight into 4inch pots. The seed included gazanias, echinacea, cardoon, euphorbia marginata which are mostly for planting in and around the orchard on the hill. I still have to direct sow some buckwheat for attracting insects and plant marigolds for discouraging them. Gardeners sure do queer things.

Unfortunately I haven't mown the lawn for a couple of weeks. The daisies do look nice though:

The three small azaleas we have are  really doing their thing now. This one almost the same colour as the apple blossom on the nearby tree - see below:

For the vege garden I sowed zucchini, carrot, onion (four types). Here's the first sowing of onions that were weeded last week:

I also sowed radish (3 types) dwarf beans, runner beans, broccoli, two types of tomato, celery, chilli, capsicum, cucumber and I'm sure, some other veges too.

Here's the first sowing of runner beans from three weeks ago:

It was a cool day but sunny so I was pleased to get a few images of what's happening in the garden.

I love the bronze phormium (New Zealand Flax) hybrids. Above one seems to be looming like a giant spider ready to pounce on the red azalea while below it looks far more benign:

And here's a flax leaf:

All for now. Have fun in the garden.


Terry D

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  1. Terry, I love the color of the wisteria, and the azalea/apple blossom combination is perfect. Here on the other side of the seasonal divide, I've just been out taking photos of fall foliage against a brilliant blue sky. -Jean