Monday, August 2, 2010

To the North and East

So, let's look at the garden and house as they are now, August 2nd 2010.

The two images looking up to the house are from the northeast and east. The paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus), cinerarias and cow-slips (Primula veris) are beneath the elm tree which in turn is behind the Puriri (Vitex lucens) seen in the portrait shot to the right. Now, as I abhor order I refuse to have more than the barest minimum necessary to be mildly coherent so the use of Latin names will accordingly be quite random (aleatorio).

Below are a couple of images taken from our balcony (seen from below in a previous images)  looking down to the northeast and east over the vegetable and flower gardens, not to mention the superb view of the washing line, sans washing.

 By now you will have realised that, being an upside-down garden our seasons are inverted too, so while northern hemisphere gardeners are praying for the last of the humid summer heat to leave them we are keenly awaiting the arrival of spring. According to the calendar it is still winter. According to the paperwhites above  it is spring already and they wouldn't mind a good weeding thank you very much. Likewise, when we look north we look towards the sun (when it deigns to show it'self).

Beneath the elm and to the northwest is our fish and galvanized delphinium garden. Not everyone has one of these you know!!!

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  1. Oh and they do look awesome!

    Love the fish and the delphinium and the whole photo.

    Been away from my google reader recently - but really glad to come back and see that you've been busy with the blog :-)