Sunday, August 29, 2010

In which a fence is made and almost forgotten

Wow! Two weeks went. It surely is spring. Both life generally, garden and work in particular have been extremely busy this past fortnight. You can read about the garden here. You can read about the work there.

Daffs and tulips are on the go (didn't recognise them did you?)

Unfortunately I can't properly show the thing that took most time in the garden as I forgot to take a photo and it's dark now. All right....get the camera, change the lens,down stairs, open the door, outside, take a hand held time exposure, back inside up the stairs download the image, here  it is:

Over the past two weeks I've been constructing a rustic fence and gateway to replace the temporary electric fence that was erected to keep the dogs out of the garden. The construction phase is now almost complete and the painting of the gate stage about to begin. First I have to water blast it, then Janice has offered to paint a something beautiful on it. This may take a while however as she is busy with work and quilting. This is her latest one under construction:

Spring is quickly unfolding as can be seen by the tulips stalking up in front of the metal whatsit flower.

Some of the plum trees are bursting into flower and the native wood pigeons are having fun contemplating what will be, come January. Actually this one is just catching its breath after some pretty spectacular mating flights.

While up at the nursery today I took a shot looking down on the house and garden from the north. Here it is, clothesline, trolley and all. The white line draped across the bottom of the garden is netting to keep the birds off my radishes!

That's all from me today. Oh, and thanks Kyla, for following!


  1. Your blog's title's funny! I just "wow" looking at your pictures. Is it really spring there? :D

  2. Thanks for your comments Meredehuit and Muvelt. Yes, it is spring. The tulips are growing very quickly. I bought a whole lot last summer without knowing the colour and now they are starting to flower. So far they are all yellow. Hopefully they will all remain yellow.



  3. Terry, I just discovered your blog this week. I've featured it as one of my "Blogs of the Month" in a post that just went up today. Cheers. -Jean

  4. Painting on the gate - what a good idea!