Sunday, July 18, 2010

The First Post

This is a blog about a garden in Wanganui, New Zealand. It is called "The Upside-Down Garden" because New Zealand is one of those places referred to by northern hemisphere folk as "Down Under" as in "At the Bottom of the World". It follows that any garden "Down Under" must therefore be upside-down.

No, it will not fall off.

Fortunately gravity works just as well Down Under as it does "Up Top" - God Bless Sir Isaac Newton - so there is no need to anchor the plants by any other means than their natural roots. As you can imagine this is very useful and a big time saver. Gravity also stops mulch flying skyward, fruit falling to the heavens and is heavily implicated in assisting rain in its downward path towards the garden. I have to admit that it would be useful to have slugs and snails drift off into space but on balance I think I'll stick to gravity - no option really!

The purpose of this blog is to provide a diary of significant happenings  in my garden. I say "my garden" because in this household gardening is the province of the one who doesn't do a great deal of cooking (although he loves it), washing, office management and computer maintenance. Those things are the province of the one who doesn't do any gardening, plant breeding or nursery work. That one is Janice, my extremely lovely wife, friend, counsellor and lifetime partner who I love most dearly.

The other purpose of this blog is to separate out the gardening and nursery aspects of my other blog (although they will still be there too) "Delphiniums Down Under", so that they can be viewed more widely in the gardening community without the said garden community personages being distracted by the day to day family life of a family they have no interest in at all. Anyone who wishes to be so personally voyeuristic should follow Delphiniums Down Under. They should also seek prompt  psychiatric help.

So that's about it. Let's see if it works.




  1. Fabulous! but then you had me hooked at "extremely lovely" ...

  2. Looks great! Refreshing colours!!

  3. Congratulations on the startup of your blog. It is great to have a close partnership between husband and wife. My best of luck wishes to you, Terry and Janice!